Making things makes you feel good, and lights up your creative brain!
We'll help you and your team harness the power of creativity to bring out the best in your team.
Whether you’re looking for a creative activity to equip or inspire your team with a new skill, or needing an engaging session to help them learn about themselves and each other as a group, we’ll create the perfect platform to deliver on your objectives.

We’ll work closely with you to ensure that your programs are as unique as those taking part, boosting the confidence and performance of individuals and teams by adding a little creativity.
Thanks to our expert team, we operate across the country!

Check out some of our recent Team Creativity Activities:

Team Building for Good Energy

Having recently invested in a re-brand and expanded their team, Good Energy wanted to engage their staff with the new look and strengthen bonds, with a focus on inventiveness and resourcefulness.

Working in groups, we tasked them with designing and creating a promotional item in line with their new branding, using their choice of upcycled supplies and working to a budget. They were given basic craft skills and tools and had a deadline to work to.   

The groups were observed throughout, and given constructive feedback and useful action-points to implement back in the office. 

The 30-strong Teachit team were looking for a wellness activity that appealed to everyone, took them out of their comfort zone and taught each person a new creative skill.

We taught the team the art of macrame, taking them through the process and encouraging them to design their own creations. Without exception, the team found the workshop helped them switch off from the strains of their job, allowed their brains to slow down, and created an extremely positive shared experience with their colleagues. 

Wellness Activity for Teachit

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Lisa, Research Project Administrator -  University of Bath

Even though most were beginners, you put everyone at ease. We were all delighted and would highly recommend it as a team building session.

Many thanks for a wonderful event:

It was a great success and enjoyed by all. 

Imogen, Customer Support - Teach-It